Bringing Shift1 to Arduino

Some LED's

Amazing circuit that uses only 1 wire to control 7 outputs.

I built this prototype to test the Shift1 protocol with a TPIC6595N but originaly Roman Black invented this to use a 74HC595 to drive a LCD with just one wire.
For testing i used only LED's but this Shift register is able to sink 250mA, so you could even drive Relays with it.

This is just the first step of a of a series of experiments using this great way of comunicating with a shift register, next step is using a 74HC595 and finally connect it to a LCD.

Many thanks to Roman for publishing a detailed description on this protocol which made it possible.

Here is the breadboard setup:

Shift1 on a breadboard

and a small code example:

in order to use it you need to install the fastIO branch of this Library - which is currently experimental, like this circuit.


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shift register
Shift1 on a breadboard